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  1. Savvih
    Latest Entry

    Today Oct 15 Fri. My first stop was by BLACKSAIL CHARITY AUCTION. The place was great and everyone was having a good time. I just bow to the everyone and say thanks. Magnifcent job @CalicoJack @AlphaWulf (Genesis3dx.com)  and all the rest that played a role.

    2021-10-15 10-57-17_2669.png

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    After close to 8 years at 3dx, I decided to do a diary…

    Some random thoughts to share (this is the reward from $2357.00 membership fees)


    There is no notable difference in water temperature near the Love Island iceberg, even though I find it necessary to remove my clothing to swim to it, knowing that I will wind up putting my clothes back on when I get there. Probably the cool factor coming into play, shrugs.


    Dont ask me why there is a iceberg at love island, it just appeared one day way back, its a mystery ... muah ha ha


    I am running out of color options to make my t-shirt look impressive.


    Run mode for guys is NEVER cool.


    I have found that the people that say they avoid drama at all costs are the first to buy popcorn.


    The number 5 dance is great for Michael Jackson tunes.


    The number 11 dance is great for waiving in aircraft especially when you wear yellow lit bracelets.


    The number 7 dance is the only cool dance for a Male Rocker, the others will get you hired as a Rockette.


    Guys, if i catch you doing the Hopping Dance, I will shred your Man Card.


    I can click on a person and determine who the bald naked woman is in less the .034 seconds.


    Never understood the practicality of the men’s BDSM harness other than it would be great for lifting you out of the ocean if you happen to be torpedoed.


    How can you have electric guitars at the Saloon with no notable power source, this is not Gilligan’s Island folks … pfft


    I love the way your head contorts when you spawn in someone, like you are being converted by Mr. Smith in the Matrix 2… cool!


    Yes I panic when I perv a profile and find myself walking 100 meters, through the crowd, to the person I am perving, I have mastered looking cool doing it though, just tell them that i am security.


    When you go to a sex party and its typically 123 guys, 2 women and a DJ with fishnet stockings, what’s up with that?


    I have yet to go into Fresco and not have a seizure due to the lighting … bonus…


    I love F5ing my camera into my own skull and watching my teeth move up and down, quite erotic, you should try it.


    Still have the fantasy of walking into the NC and seeing about 30 women with no panties doing River Dance, how awesome would that be?


    Hands down, Betty is the most important person in the game, sorry Gizmo.


    I think we should earn XP and level up when we have a particularly great session of sex. Perhaps get a golden elf cock and massive healing powers awarded. Think bout that one for awhile woot...


    I have become proficient in one handed typing, although I can never spell “mmmm” right at that critical moment.


    I still think the drones over Love Island are still there, just more stealthy, aliens probably.


    Dick pics.... Seriously, psst.. a lil secret to tell yaw, almost all guys have them, women know this, and I assure you, you dont have a 12" schlong unless you use it as a bungee cord to jump.


    Sex at the beach? Ever had beach sand in your ass crack? Let’s get real people.


    Wonders what women’s feet would look like in RL if they walked around on their tippy toes full time, prolly look like a hobbit, yummy.


    And when life gets way too serious, it time to safety dance..





    That’s all I have, diary closed.

    Regards - Dallas -

  2. TEST

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    TEST 2

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